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Corporate and Holiday Gift Sets

Olive Oil Emporium Corporate and Holiday Gift Ideas

We have assembled some of our finest products in themed sets and arrangements that will make ideal gifts for your valued business clients, employees, and family members. Each of our exclusive gifts has been selected with the utmost care and packaged with attention to detail for any special occasion that demands the best in quality. Everyone will appreciate the pure, natural, and healthy gift of Olive Oil and aged balsamic. It’s not only for the connoisseur, but also for the novice. We are certain the culinary beginner will enjoy these oils as much as a gourmet chef.

 Our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and quality products are ideal for the following occasions:
Corporate Gifts Holiday Gifts Business Gifts
Mother's Day
Hostess Gifts
Father's Day
Realtor Gifts
Weddings Centre Pieces Anniversaries
Birthdays Employee Appreciation Thank You Gifts
   . . . and Many More !  

Olive Oil Emporium - Classic GiftsBrowse our gift shop for our complete gift set selection below, or choose your unique gift from our portfolio of individually gift boxed Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Flavoured Oils.  For large quantities, Corporate Gifts, customized branding, and customized Gift Baskets, please contact us at info@OliveOilEmporium.com to discuss our custom packaging and presentation options. 

NOTE: If your purchase is intended to be given by you as a gift, we would like to make the process complete for you. Please indicate the items that are to be gifted in the comments section during your check-out process, and we will be sure to include our black gift bag, and a small blank note card for your personalized message, or a note we could write on your behalf. No need for you to run out and buy any additional gift bags or cards! 

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Product List
Olive Leaf Tea - Organic - Loose Leaf
Price $10.95
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Olive Leaf Tea – Organic, Loose Leaf   

Origin: Croatia

Description: An ancient beverage from the Mediterranean region. Full of powerful antioxidants and countless health benefits, this flavourful herbal tea beverage can be enjoyed hot or cold. The loose leaf format of this olive leaf tea is packed in an attractive re-sealable pouch for freshness. It is certified organic by USDA, and QAI, and is produced in a Kosher facility.

Olive Leaf Tea is a herbal tea, and is also naturally caffeine free. It is a 100% organic product, consisting of only olive leaves, with no added flavours or colours. Countless studies are pointing to staggering conclusions. A liquid extract made directly from fresh olive leaves recently gained international attention when it was shown to have an antioxidant capacity almost double green tea extract and 400% higher than vitamin C! Additional health benefits*** shown to be in olive leaf tea or olive leaf extract are as follows:

·                     anti-viral as well as anti bacterial features
·                     anti-fungal features
·                     the ability to lower cholesterol
·                     helps in lowering blood pressure
·                     helps increase blood flow by relaxing the arteries
·                     maintains and enhances a powerful immunity system
·                     reduces the level of blood sugar
·                     prevents premature ageing
·                     increases energy levels
·                     elevates your mood

For prolonged freshness our olive leaf tea is packed in a re-sealable 70gram (2.5oz) pouch which should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. The elegant olive green pouch is made from FDA approved rice paper.

Ingredient: 100% Organic Olive Leaf (Olea europaea).

Tasting Profile: Our organic olive leaf tea has a very pleasant flavour that is appreciated by both the serious tea drinker and the casual tea drinker. It is often described as tasting like a light or mellow green tea, however, the amount of leaf used or the length of brewing/steeping time can change its taste considerably.  A longer brew will give the olive leaf tea a darker colour, stronger flavour, and more pronounced bitterness as well. This will also impart more of the beneficial healing chemicals to the tea! The tea can be cooled to enjoy as an iced beverage. Try to experiment with different flavour combinations by adding ingredients such as honey, lemon, milk, rose petals, peppermint, or cinnamon! A fantastic tea to enjoy on your own or with friends and family. Read more about this amazing herbal tea on our Olive Leaf Tea page.

Size: 70gr (2.5oz)  - approximately 14 servings

***NOTE: Throughout this website, statements are made pertaining to the properties, benefits, and/or the functions of Olive Oil products. We are not medical practitioners, and many of these statements are based on common current beliefs and culinary trends. Certified medical professionals have not evaluated many of these statements and this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We urge you to seek proper medical consultation by a trained medical professional before modifying your eating habits, or pursuing any of the health-related advice offered within this site.

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