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Peppers - Grilled, in Olive Oil
Peppers - Grilled, in Olive Oil

Peppers - Grilled, in Olive Oil

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Mixed Grilled Peppers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Region: Italy

Description: A medley of colourful sweet peppers - grilled to perfection and marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. An indispensable ingredient to have on stand-by - quick and easy to use. Pull out the jar in a pinch when creating antipasto platters, for sandwiches, in pasta dishes, or to puree in sauces or dips. These peppers are just as beautiful to look at as they are tasty. As an added bonus, the extra virgin olive oil they are stored in can also be used for marinating other vegetables, olives, roasted potatoes, and much more!

Ingredients: sweet peppers, extra virgin olive oil

Tasting Profile / Suggested Uses: Sweet peppers - red, orange, and yellow. Grilled and marinated in extra virgin olive oil for your pizza, pasta, sandwiches, antipasti, etc. Cut into salads, or blend into soups, sauces, and dips for a rich pepper flavour. 

Size: 580ml

Price: $15.95