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Lemon and Bay Leaf Infused Olives

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Lemon and Bay Leaf Infused Olives 

Description:  The versatile green Picholine olive is paired with bay leaf and bright lemon for a harmonious marriage of flavours. Marinated in oil, these olives make a great appetizer or snack - especially when lightly warmed prior to serving! Low in salt - making a healthy snack! These olives contain pits.

Ingredients: Green Picholine Olives, vegetable oil, Lemon Zest, Bay Leaf

Tasting Profile: Heat lightly in a pan and serve them warm to enhance the flavour. Keep the oil to cook fish or to make salad dressings. Add a few drops of balsamic vinegar in oil and soak your favourite bread as an appetizer.These olives contain pits.

Size: 314ml

Price: $9.95
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