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Madagascar Black Pepper Infused Olive Oil
Madagascar Black Pepper Infused Olive Oil

Madagascar Black Pepper Infused Olive Oil

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Madagascar Black Pepper Infused Olive Oil

Style: Infused

Description:  A desirable peppercorn variety – the Madagascar Black Peppercorn is sought after by many chefs. In France, many chefs refuse to use anything else. If you are looking to recapture the smokey, robust flavour of French meat dishes you need to try this oil. It is pleasantly spicy and with floral with notes of fresh, ground peppercorn and a lingering, tingly Szechuan peppercorn finish. Create that amazing peppercorn flavour in your favourite dishes without having to use fresh peppercorns!

Tasting Profile / Serving Suggestions: Admired for its robust aroma - reminiscent of hickory smoke or charred oak barrels – it is great for meat marinades, but also for general use. Works well in dressings, aioli, sautéing and even over ice cream! Try it in cream-based dishes, or in a salad for a pleasant peppery zing. Amazing on popcorn, with creamy pasta and seafood. Pairs well with Sicilian Lemon Balsamic, Lavender Balsamic, Mango Balsamic, Garlic Olive Oil, and Basil Olive Oil.

Size: 200ml / 375ml / 750ml

Packaging: Elegantly presented in a dark glass bottle to help prevent exposure to harmful UV light.

NOTE: We bottle only upon receipt of your online order, or in front of you in-store.

Price: $17.95