Sale and Discount Items


Welcome to our selection of discounted products and special offers. The products on this page are limited time offers, and are available in very limited quantities. Prices have been reduced for quick sale due to one or more of the following reasons: olive oil bottling date, an overstock, end of season sale, or a great price offer from our suppliers that we are passing on to you. Ideally, olive oils should be consumed within 6 months to 1 year of harvest date, assuming the bottle has not been opened. The quality of the products listed below is not inferior or damaged in any way. Olive oil or vinegar will not spoil, expire, or go bad, unless it has been improperly handled and stored, i.e., exposed to air (open bottle), exposed to light, or is stored in an improper container. The flavour and taste profiles remain excellent, but may not be as intense as they were in their prime. They are still fresh tasting and present a fantastic value, but should be consumed within a few of months once opened. In fact, these olive oils and vinegars are still "younger" and fresher than many of the generic supermarket brands. We may also include other very limited time offers here such as new harvest oils, new releases, and weekly specials.

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