Robust Intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Robust Intensity olive oils are categorized as such due to their flavour profile intensity. Unlike the mild or delicate flavour profile olive oils that are very round, and sometimes referred to as "sweeter", Robust olive oils tend to have a strong peppery finish, a distinct bitterness and very intense flavours on the front end of the palate. Robust olive oils are often better suited to full-flavoured dishes that are well seasoned so that they can hold up to the complexity of the olive oil. All our Robust extra virgin olive oils will have a minimum polyphenol content of 300ppm, with many oils containing over 400ppm, and on rare occasion a treat that is in the 500's or 600's, or even higher! For those that are seeking high polyphenol extra virgin olive oils, or High Phenolic Olive Oils - HPOO's, this is the selection for you.
*** NOTE: All of our UP™ certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils are laboratory tested using the HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) method for measuring their TPC (Total Phenolic Content). Be aware that the TPC can also be expressed using results from the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) method. This can be misleading if the producer or retailer does not disclose the testing method used, and thereby preventing any true comparison. The NMR method will consistently produce higher results for the same oils. On our site, all values for BIOphenols (polyphenols) are based on results of the HPLC method. The HPLC method is currently the only officially recognized method by the IOC.***