Gourmet Food Products: Tapenades, Olives, Pearls, Salts, Spices, Rubs, Olive Leaf Tea

Olive Oil Emporium - Gourmet Fine Foods

We have brought together a selection of the finest gourmet food products and ingredients to complement your culinary creations and enrich your pantry. From olive pastes and tapenades sourced from various Mediterranean countries, to olives, fruit spreads, artisan sea salts and mineral salts, jarred antipasti and vegetables marinated in oil, mustards, and olive leaf tea, the Olive Oil Emporium brings more unique flavours within your reach.

We also carry a complete selection of artisanal Olives and traditional Pastas.Salad - Olives

Our jarred olives (over 20 varieties) are carefully selected for their natural curing process. Unlike many of the commercially available olives, our olives contain NO artificial flavours or colours, and no chemical agents or lye are used to expedite their curing process. All our olives are cured and jarred according to traditional methods in their countries of origin which include Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Turkey. Our artisanal olives are only packaged in glass for optimal freshness, preservation and best flavour.

Our comprehensive olive selection has something for everyone and for every recipe. Elevate your table presentation with a selection of unique olives. Different colours and textures create visual interest and stimulate the palate and the senses for great conversation.

Our extensive selection of artisanal olives includes the following varietals and several stuffed varieties including:

  • Arbequina - Spain
  • Ascolano - Italy
  • Baresana - Green - Italy
  • Cerignola - Italy
  • Dry Cured Black - Turkey
  • Gaeta (Itrana) - Black - Italy
  • Gordal "Queen" Olive - Green - Spain
  • Halkidiki - Greece
  • Infornata - Black Dry Cured - Italy
  • Intosso - Italy
  • Kalamata - Greece
  • Leccino - Italy
  • Lucques - France
  • Manzanillo Olives with Garlic & Rosemary - Spain
  • Nicoises (Cailletier) - France
  • Nocellara - Puglia, Italy
  • Nocellara del Belice DOP (Castelvetrano) - Sicily, Italy
  • Picholine - France
  • Salonenque & Beruguette with Fennel - France
  • Spicy - Hot Green Olives - Italy
  • Spicy - Green Chili Stuffed Gordal Olives - Spain
  • Taggiasca (Cailletier) - Liguria, Italy
  • Tanche (AOC Nyons) - France
  • Truffle-Infused Green Olives - Italy
  • Almond Stuffed - Spain
  • Lemon-Stuffed - Spain
  • Orange-Stuffed - Spain
  • Hot Pepper Stuffed - Spain
  • Sundried Tomato - Stuffed - Turkey
  • Sweet Olive Preserve / Jam - Turkey
  • Cracked Green – Turkey
  • Black "Tazilla" - Dry Cured - Tunisia





Our pastas (over 10 varieties) are all imported from Italy. They are made with the finest ingredients and by using traditional processing techniques, extruded through bronze dies, and are slowly, naturally air-dried.

We offer pasta varieties that are organic, 100% durum wheat semolina, 100% corn, blended with quinoa, and made with and without eggs. Slowly "air-drying" the pasta allows the pasta to retain much of its nutritional integrity, and gives it a richer, more dense, texture. We also carry a small selection of organic gluten free pasta varieties with chick pea flour, red lentil flour, and with green pea flour.

Our pasta cuts include:

  • traditional spaghettoni (48"length)
  • farfalle (butterflies) primavera
  • farfalle (butterflies) squid ink
  • strozzapreti
  • olive leaf shape
  • orecchiette
  • linguine
  • lingua di suocera (15"length)
  • penne
  • croxetti
  • fusilli
  • chitarra
  • pappardelle
  • tagliatelle egg & spinach

Some of our other unique, gourmet food items include:

  • Olive Oil Pearls: Arbequina Olive Oil Pearls, Basil Olive Oil Pearls
  • Balsamic Pearls: Dark Balsamic Pearls, White Balsamic Pearls, Lemon Balsamic Pearls (white), Mango Balsamic Pearls (white)
  • Grateable "Ball-samic" - Solid Balsamic Sphere
  • Torres Truffle Potato Chips 
  • Torres Iberian Ham Potato Chips
  • Torres Sparkling Wine Potato Chips
  • Torres Caviar Potato Chips
  • Truffle Products from Alba, Italy: White Truffle Salt, Truffle Cream, Truffle Tapenade, Truffle Honey-Mustard, White Truffle Honey, Black Truffle Sea Salt
  • Tarragon Vinegar - France

All the above Olives, Pastas, and gourmet food items are available in-store, and can be requested for shipping by phone or email. We hope to add these to our site soon. Each of these gourmet items is a great complement and addition to any olive oil or balsamic vinegar bottle or recipe book for a thoughtful gift. Or create/build your own gift basket by choosing your own combination of olive pastes, and olive oils, balsamic vinegars, recipe books, or an apron! You can always revisit our complete selection of individually bottled or gift-boxed Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegarsand Flavoured Oils.

NOTE: If your purchase is intended to be given by you as a gift, we would like to make the process complete for you. Please indicate the items that are to be gifted in the comments section during your check-out process, and we will be sure to include a paper gift bag, and a small blank note card for your personalized message, or a note we could write on your behalf. No need for you to run out and buy any additional gift bags or cards!