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Arbequina Olives
Arbequina Olives

Arbequina Olives

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Arbequina Olives

Region: Lleida, Catalonia, Spain

Description: The classic Spanish Tapas olive from the Lleida (Lerida) province of Catalonia in Spain! The best olives are carefully selected by hand from the tree and are placed in water and salt for a minimum period of three months. Finally, they are rinsed with plenty of water before being jarred only with fresh water and salt. Produced with no chemicals or preservatives - other than salt.

Ingredients: Arbequina Olives, water, salt.


Tasting Profile: These tiny olives have reddish green and brown hues and will be crisp with a slight almond-like flavour.  These olives contain pits.

Size: 200gr

Price: $11.95