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Maple Syrup - Coffee Infused
Maple Syrup - Coffee Infused

Maple Syrup - Coffee Infused

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Maple Syrup - Coffee Infused 

(La Fabrick)

Country / Region: Canada / Quebec

Description: A full-flavoured artisanal Maple Syrup that is enhanced by the infusion of roasted coffee oils. Begining with a base of 100% Canadian, organic maple syrup, a beautiful marriage of flavours with coffee begs for use over ice cream, in cocktails, salmon and trout. A sublime addition to French toast, waffles, pancakes and fruit. The possibilities and uses are endless! 

NOTE: This maple syrup does not contain alcohol or caffeine.

Tasting Profile: A full flavoured and authentic taste of Quebec! Notes of coffee and hints of vanilla.The complex flavours of this coffee infused maple syrup will work with pancakes, French toast, cheese, fruit and in a marinade with salmon, trout or pork! Great with desserts and ice cream too!

Ingredients: 100% Amber Maple Syrup, Coffee

Size: 375ml

Price: $29.95