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Taggiasca Olives
Taggiasca Olives

Taggiasca Olives

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Taggiasca Olives - Pitted

Region: Liguria, Italy

Description:  The jewel of northern Italy - the Taggiasca Olive.  It is one of the most popular varieties in the north of Italy around Liguria, and is also found in the neighbouring region of Nice in southern France. The variety is also known as the Cailletier. The Nicoise olive is actually the same variety as the Taggiasca / Cailletier. Nicoise refers to the curing method use to prepare those olives. The Taggiasca is harvested when it is a little darker - ranging in colours from brown-green to brown-purple. The variation in colours attests to the purity of this natural product. These olives are also packed in extra virgin olive oil and are pitted. Perfect for using in dishes like pasta, pizza, and salads. When the olives are done, the extra virgin olive oil they were in can be used for other olives, or to season your chicken or roasted potatoes before cooking in the oven.

Ingredients: Taggiasca olives, extra virgin olive oil, salt, lactic acid.


Tasting Profile: The Taggiasca olive is rich in flavour and with a slight, pleasant bitterness. They present the palate with an exceptional olive taste, a firm texture, and a clean full flavour. The Taggiasca will complement pizzas, salads, pasta dishes, fish dishes, and even sandwiches. These olives are pitted - contain NO pits, and the oil they are stored in can also be used for other dishes or as a marinade.

Size: 580ml

Price: $16.95