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Olive Leaf Tea - Loose Leaf - Organic
Olive Leaf Tea - Loose Leaf - Organic

Olive Leaf Tea - Loose Leaf - Organic

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Olive Leaf Tea - Loose Leaf, Organic


Description: Our classic Olive Leaf Tea - made from 100% olive leaves (Olea Europaea), that have been carefully selected and dried using traditional methods. For thousands of years tea made from the leaf of the olive tree has been enjoyed throughout the Mediterranean. We have sourced an olive leaf tea that captures the essence of this powerful infusion so that you can also begin to appreciate some of this herbal tea’s benefits. This tea is 100% pure olive leaf, is all-natural, and is ceffeine-free! This olive leaf tea is also certified organic by the USDA. For more information please expand the tabs below or click on the link to our detailed page on the benefits of Olive Leaf Tea.

Tasting Profile:
Olive Leaf Tea has a very unique and pleasant taste, and is very different from other teas. If we had to make a comparison to something recognizable, it could be compared to a very light or weak green tea, but with a very pleasant and pronounced flavour.  A slight bitterness may be noticed on the palate. This is mainly due to its oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol components. If the tea is brewed for a period of three minutes or longer the colour will become darker, the flavour more pronounced, and the bitterness will become more intense. It is also worth noting that the stronger the brew (steeping the leaves for a longer period) will contain higher medicinal values as it contains more of the olive leaf's water-soluble, healing chemicals.

Ingredients: 100% Olive Leaf

Size: 70gr

Packaging: Resealable stand-up pouch for prolonged freshness. The packaging is made with 100% rice paper.

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