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Saba Condimento - Mosto Cotto
Saba Condimento - Mosto Cotto

Saba Condimento - Mosto Cotto

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Saba - Mosto Cotto Condimento

Region: Modena, Italy

Style: Condimento  

Description: A unique product that has been around since the days of the Roman Empire, is a cooked grape must (mosto cotto), that was used to flavour meats, polenta, chestnuts, or even crushed ice (snow) as a granita! Created by the same producer of our balsamic vinegars, this unique condiment is rich, fruity, and versatile. 

Our Saba contains NO preservatives, NO colours, NO caramel, NO thickening agents, and NO added sugars. 

Tasting Profile / Serving Suggestions: The flavour of our Saba is rich and fruity. Pairs well with desserts, cheese, fruit and as a meat marinade. 

Size: 100ml 

Packaging: Elegantly presented in an elegant clear glass bottle to showcase its density.


Price: $17.95