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Gaeta Olives
Gaeta Olives

Gaeta Olives

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Gaeta Olives

Region: Gaeta/Itri​​​, Lazio, Italy

Description:  Also known as the Itrana varietal, Gaeta olives are often left to ripen on trees long after other varieties have been harvested. The Gaeta is highly coveted by Italian chefs and used in many dishes. It is often referred to Italy's answer to the Greek Kalamata olive. Can be substituted for the Kalamata olive as well.

Ingredients: Gaeta Olives, water, salt.


Tasting Profile: The Gaeta olive has a soft, tender flesh, creamy, plump, and extremely complex. A great snacking olive on its own, wonderful when warmed slightly, or when added to cooked dishes. These olives contain pits. 

Size: 580ml

Price: $14.95