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Mixed Olive Medley
Mixed Olive Medley

Mixed Olive Medley

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Mixed Olive Medley

Region: Italy

Description:  A delicious blend of Italian Olives in one jar! Enjoy some of Italy's finest olives with ease, and elevate your antipasto selection and table presentation. Perfect for any gathering and to complement any meal. The different sizes, colours, textures, and flavours offer something to everyone around the table.
Presented in their natural brine, these olives contain pits.

Ingredients:Mixed olives, water, salt, citric acid..

Tasting Profile: The Mixed Olive Medley presents a selection of different olive varietals - and as a result the textures will vary from firm to soft. Different hues of green, purple, brown, and black make a beautiful presentation and offer varying flavours, Presented in their natural brine. These olives contain pits.

Size: 580ml

Price: $14.95