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Amfissa Olives - Pitted
Amfissa Olives - Pitted

Amfissa Olives - Pitted

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Amfissa Olives - Pitted

Region: Greece

Description: The firm, pitted and flavourful Amfissa olive is one of Greece's most popular olives, and accounts for nearly 25% of annual Greek table olive production. It is mainly cultivated in central and western Greece, but can be found in smaller quantities in other regions of Greece as well. It is part of the conservolia group and is also known as the Volou, or Agriniou variety. Their bright green colour, and firm meaty texture make this a preferred olive for snacking and for incorporating into salads, seafood dishes, appetizers, and many more dishes. Also great in martinis! These olives contain NO pits.

Ingredients: Green Amfissa Olives, Water, Salt, acidity regulator (lactic acid)

Tasting Profile: The bright green firm Amfissa olive is mild, bright in flavour, and vegetal. These olives contain NO pits.

Size: 360gr

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