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Balsamic Pearls - White Truffle
Balsamic Pearls - White Truffle

Balsamic Pearls - White Truffle

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Balsamic Pearls - Truffle

Region / Country: Modena / Italy

Description: Our Balsamic Pearls have been one of our most popular items since 2012! A unique product of molecular gastronomy, these pearls will not only add a burst of balsamic flavour to your dish, but will also add an impressive visual to your plates. Created by one of Italy's most respected and innovative balsamic producers that has been crafting fine balsamics since 1892! Use the pearls as a garnish with salads, cheese boards, canapes, sushi, fish, meat, ice cream, dessert and fruit! The flavours are 100% all natural and the Balsamic Pearls are suitable for Vegan diets and are often used as a vegan caviar! A fun conversation starter - your guests will be impressed!

Tasting Notes / Serving Suggestions: A rich and balanced flavour burst of balsamic vinegar and truffle on the palate. Soft, delicate pearls that contain within them the best fruit juice with truffles. Similar in appearance to caviar, the truffle pearls are best used as a garnish with risotto and pasta dishes, pizza, steaks, game meats and roasts, fish and seafood, and aged cheeses.

Ingredients: Condiment with Truffles (concentrated must of white grapes, white wine vinegar, Truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) (1%), aroma of white Truffle), water, thickener: cellulose gum; gelling agents: calcium chloride, sodium alginate; potassium sorbate. Contains sulfites. Refrigerate after opening.

Size: 50gr

Price: $24.95