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Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Rare Special Reserve- Limited Harvest
Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Rare Special Reserve- Limited Harvest

Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Rare Special Reserve- Limited Harvest

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Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Rare & Special Reserve - Limited Harvest HPOO

Country / Region: Greece / Messinia

Intensity: Robust

Description: The well-known Kalamata Olive of Greece is presented here in an extremely rare pressing of fresh, high-phenolic olive oil. This early harvest Kalamata contains a staggering high phenol content of 652 ppm! Scoring very high in fruitiness & with a desirable pungency, it is more pungent than bitter with a strong peppery bite & herbal qualities. Displays excellent chemical composition which equates to a healthier, more durable EVOO! The combination of picking the fruit at an extremely low green maturity index (early harvest) and minimal processing resulted in the high phenol content and extraordinarily high and healthful Oleocanthal properties of 292.3ppm. Extremely limited quantity - High Phenolic Olive Oil.

Tasting Profile / Serving Suggestions: A full flavoured olive oil with a pronounced bitterness and pungency. On the palate it presents savoury vegetal notes of arugula, Romaine lettuce leaf and green tea. It has a unique distinctive flavour and astringency. An exceptional condiment for those who seek the best olive oils, best chemistry, and are serious in their approach with phenolic content in oils for their health.

Chemical Analysis at time of crush:

Free Fatty Acids (FFA): 0.15%
Peroxides: 7.3 mEqO2/kg
Oleic Acid: 75.6
BIOphenols:* 652.0 mg caffeic acid/kg
DAG: 97.6
PPP: < 0.1
Squalene: 5821.7 ppm
a-Tocopherols: 482.5 ppm
Harvest / Crush Date: 2020 / November

*BIOphenol (TPC) count of 652.0 ppm is a result of the HPLC method (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) which is the ONLY officially recognized method by the IOC. The same oils will produce higher results when tested using the NMR method (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). In this instance the Kalamata oil registers a TPC (total phenol content) of 1600 ppm

Sensory Evaluation:
Fruitiness: 5.0
Bitterness: 4.0
Pungency: 6.0

Ultra Premium
Non GMO Project Verified

Size: 200ml / 375ml / 750ml

Packaging: Elegantly presented in a dark glass bottle to help prevent exposure to harmful UV light.

NOTE: We bottle only upon receipt of your online order, or in front of you in-store.

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