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Fleur de Sel Sicilian Sea Salt
Fleur de Sel Sicilian Sea Salt

Fleur de Sel Sicilian Sea Salt

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Fleur de Sel of Trapani - Sicilian Sea Salt

Region / Country: Sicily (Trapanai) / Italy

Description: With roots dating back to the Phoenicians, the Trapani salt pans of Sicily are world renowned and the salts produced here are sought after for their culinary applications. The salt pans are located on a flat coast and for the most part below sea level. They have been created in this area for the favorable climatic conditions such as low rainfall during the summer, the presence of winds, and high temperatures, - all factors that favour the evaporation of sea water. Today they are a natural park called "natural reserve of the salt pans of Trapani and Paceco" managed by the WWF.

Also referred to as "The flower of salt" or "Fiore di Sale Marino" this fleur de sel is formed on the water surface of the salt pans mostly during the calmer days with less wind and low humidity. It usually forms closer to the corners of the pans, and is harvested by hand according to the ancient techniques passed down over generations. This salt is historically very valuable as it represents a very small part of the collected product, and is naturally in soft salt crystals.

Tasting Profile / Suggested Uses: With a savoury, clean, and slightly bitter taste due to the presence of magnesium, it is excellent with any preparation of meat, fish or vegetables.  In  addition to being an excellent condiment, our Fior di Sale is also a precious ally that  protects  and  purifies  the  kidneys , intestines  and  circulation. A beautiful, delicate finishing salt!

Ingredients: 100% fleur de sel of sea salt

Size: 90gr

Price: $10.95