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Truffle Honey Mustard
Truffle Honey Mustard

Truffle Honey Mustard

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Truffle Honey Mustard

Region: Italy

Description: A perfect blend of three distinct flavours: delicate white truffle, rich wildflower honey, and savoury mustard. All 3 flavours work well together in a masterfully balanced condiment - where all flavours are noticeable, and one does not overpower the other. Use with meats, on crisp breads, with charcuterie, and decadent sandwiches and burgers! Gluten Free and suitable for Vegetarian diets.

Ingredients: mustard 39% (water, mustard in grains 23%, wine vinegar, salt, corn flour, sugar, spices, acidifier: E334), sugar, water, honey 14%, sunflower seed oil, freeze-dried white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) 0.15% (like 0.9% of fresh truffle), corn starch, flavour. 
Gluten Free and suitable for Vegetarian Diets.

Tasting Profile: Perfect for charcuterie, gourmet burgers, hot roast beef or pastrami sandwiches. Add a teaspoon to your dressing for an unexpected complexity of flavours.

Size: 100g

Price: $25.95