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White Truffle Butter - Organic
White Truffle Butter - Organic

White Truffle Butter - Organic

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White Truffle Butter - Organic

Region / Country: Alba - Langhe/Roero, Piedmont, Italy

Description:  An exceptional condiment produced exclusively with certified organic ingredients. A prized specialty product of butter infused with organic white truffle  (Tuber magnatum Pico) can make every recipe shine. It is a tribute to our connection with the land, deeply rooted in the extraordinary Langhe and Roero area, a Unesco World Heritage Site. With its characteristic shiny yellow color and and compact, homogeneous texture, Tartuflanghe’s organic butter has the incomparable character of the finest butter, with its pleasing aroma and mild, delicate flavour, with the distinctive flavour of the highly prized white truffle. 

Ingredients: butter* 98%, freeze-dried white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico)* 0.8% (like 4% of fresh truffle), salt from Guérande, natural flavor.


Store in a cool and dry place and avoid light sources.

Serving Suggestions: A versatile condiment, for use on savoury tarts or as a sauce on pasta and risotto, potatoes, eggs or meat fillets.
Recommended dosage: ½ teaspoon per serving.

Size: 30g

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