Tarragon Vinegar
Tarragon Vinegar

Tarragon Vinegar

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Tarragon Vinegar

Region: France

Style:  Specialty White Wine Vinegar - Flavoured

Tasting Profile / Serving Suggestions: Made in France from superior quality tarragon leaves and a premium white wine vinegar,  A great value vinegar for those unique recipes that call for the complex flavours of tarragon. A little goes a long way - with this crisp and tart vinegar. The tarragon flavour is pleasantly distinct, and not overpowering. Combine with one of our fresh olive oils of your choice. We suggest a ratio of 4 parts oil to 1 part of the tarragon vinegar.


Ingredients: white wine vinegar, tarragon branch/leaves, natural tarragon flavour, sulfphite sodium. Contains sulphites.

Acidity: 6%

Size: 750ml

Packaging: Elegantly presented in a clear glass to showcase the fresh tarragon leaves within.

NOTE: This is a pre-bottled product direct from France - not one of our fusti-filled vinegars.

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