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The Olive Oil Emporium: Inspiration and Roots

Inspired by our deep-rooted Mediterranean upbringing and awed by repeated visits to Greece, Italy, Turkey and southern France, we were captivated by the traditional Mediterranean way of life and its simple yet rich cuisine.

It’s virtually impossible to not be enchanted by the beauty that defines these countries. Savouring the regional cuisines makes you never want to leave. Against the backdrop of the Aegean’s deep blue seas, vast areas of flat and mountainous olive groves and endless vineyards capture the essence of a culinary world inspired by its simplicity in ingredients and purity of flavours. Common throughout our travels, was the passion and pride in artisanship that was evident with the local farmers, producers, and within the common kitchen. Among the various ingredients, the universal link between the different cuisines was the all-essential Olive Oil. This Olive Oil was so fresh, rich and flavourful, and unlike anything we’ve experienced before in North America. The already flavourful, fresh food was extraordinarily enhanced by the addition of this one basic, yet unique, flavourful ingredient.

The Olive Oil Emporium is the realization of our long-time respect and admiration for the simplicity and wealth of Mediterranean cuisine. Our desire is to introduce a portion of the Mediterranean to North Americans, and to make accessible to the North American market what our counterparts in the Mediterranean have been enjoying for millennia.

We have individually selected all the items found in our product line for their unique flavour profiles, versatility in use, and their superior quality. We welcome you to experience the “heart” of the Mediterranean table in the comfort of your own kitchens.

Enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean and the essence of the Mediterranean Diet.
With a visit to our either of our 2 Tasting Bars in central Toronto, or simply with a few clicks, an authentic, fresh 'Olive Oil & Balsamic Experience' can be brought to your table!

- kali orexi - buon appetito - bon appétit - afiyet olsun - buen apetito -

Andreas and Mary Voulgaris
Your Olive Oil Ambassadors

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