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The Olive Oil Emporium: Customer Testimonials and Product Reviews
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We take great pride in providing our customers with exceptional service and premium quality products! Finding the perfect olive oil or balsamic vinegar to complement one’s cooking style and personalized gift giving needs is our specialty. Our Ultra Premium™ olive oils and cask-aged balsamic vinegars are finding their way to customers and their kitchen tables throughout Canada and the USA. Here’s what some of our satisfied customers, private and corporate, are saying about our premium olive oils, balsamics, and the olive oil tasting services at our stores:

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    "We have been getting calls, emails and texts from our clients thanking us for the gift boxes and telling us how much they love them. I wanted to pass along my sincere thanks to you for making this happen so quickly and seamlessly."

    Lorrie D, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "I really appreciate the packaging and gift wrap on this order. But most of all I appreciate the product itself, wow. My wife is thrilled and neither of us can believe that olive oil could taste this way. It's borderline tragic how many people in North America will never know the difference ... I'll continue to order from time to time, because I don't think there's any going back!"

    Tyler C, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
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    "Dear Olive Oil Emporium and staff,
    My package of treasures arrived. JUST WOW! everything, is JUST WOW! and more wow. Beautifully packaged, all was a delight to unwrap (some is for me, some are for gifts, so i will rewrap - eventually, after I get a few good looks at it all). Many many thanks. I will order from you again. THANK YOU!"

    Jessica E, Rosebud, Alberta, Canada
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    "I received your package today. I absolutely love your products!"

    Carol D, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "I’m really impressed with the product and with you customer service.  I will be recommending for sure!"

    Melanie V, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
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    "THANK YOU for your amazing service. We are always impressed with you and thank you for taking your time to ensure all our gifts are delivered. It means a lot to us!"

    Cindy V, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Thank you so much for your assistance with this order for my mom. She was absolutely delighted, and is enjoying her gift very much."

    Erin W - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Thank you for the incredible fine balsamic we just received! ... we absolutely love the denissimo balsamic! It is amazing! We can't wait to drizzle it over avocado toast for breakfast :) It's nearly impossible to get wonderful products like yours up in the Arctic where we live so thank you for a taste of refinement while we endure winter!"

    Sarah K - North West Territories, Canada
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    "I will definitely recommend your business to others!  Great service!"

    Linda L - Brampton, Ontario, Canada
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    "My go-to place for gifts for hard-to-buy friends & family! Really great, friendly customer service - when I placed an order online, they emailed to ask if I wanted to include a note for the gift - I really appreciated that. A great local business to support!"

    Emily S - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "I love ordering from you, first, because you have amazing products and I like to give people gifts that are unique and special, but also because you provide such great service!"

    Lynda C - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Wanted you to know that my friend LOVED the olive oil I sent her last week. And it even arrived in time for her birthday. Thank you for shipping it out so quickly...I can't wait to see all the creative ways she uses your products."

    Eileen S - Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
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    "We are delighted with our order! Thank you!"

    Rachel C - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "The olive oils were delivered and they looked LOVELY. Thank you so much for the quick delivery and for helping me make my friend's birthday a special one during this strange and unprecedented time. Just wanted to drop a quick note letting you know how appreciative I was/am, and how much she's enjoying her gift already."

    Kendra S - Seattle, Washington, USA
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    "I just wanted to let you know that the olives I purchased are both excellent !! I am sure I will be ordering from you again, and intend to try some olive oil, and balsamic vinegar at that time…Thanks again for an excellent product, and your excellent customer service as well."

    Clinton & Lori - Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan, Canada
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    "We really enjoyed our visit :). Immensely enjoying our oils and vinegars!
    Thank you for spending the time with us, and yes, we will be in again."

    Judy & Ian M - Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
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    "What a beautiful gift you guys put together!
    We’re all fawning over how nicely put together it is and how beautiful the salad set is! We love it, no wonder our clients give us such great feedback. 
    We appreciate it!"

    Dawn B - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "It's been wonderful dealing with you, you have been very professional and will come highly recommended by me.
    I am sure everyone receiving the product will be extremely happy and satisfied."

    Joanne G - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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    "Thank you very much for the excellent customer service!
    I will definitely be purchasing from you guys again."

    Charlotte W - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Thank you and your wonderful staff!
    Everyone truly loves !
    Makes me happy to see my friends have a good time.
    I will be back for sure to pick up more..."
    From a Tasting Event - Private Group Tasting

    Mary M - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "A great shopping experience! I've been meaning to share my first experience at your store on Bayview near the beginning of this month, May 4th. I live in the neighbourhood but I’ve never been to the store before nor do I know much about olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The young lady working there was very friendly, informative and professional. She taught me a lot about your products and made it a very enjoyable shopping experience.  I have since visited your store again for more olive oil and balsamic this time. Great quality.  So thumbs up to you for picking out quality staff to represent your products. She’s doing a great job."

    Adam P - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "I would like to thank you so much for the beautiful olive oil wedding favours. They turned out amazing and everyone loved them. Thank you for all of your help and being quick to acknowledge all of our questions and concerns. You were lovely to work with."

    Crystal & Sebastian - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "I gave it some thought and have gone with your recommendation.  I know that no matter what product I choose it will be wonderful.  I'm so happy you are in business and practice such amazing standards.  Looking forward to tasting the oil and vinegar and spreading the word!"

    Ronda P - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Thanks again Andreas for the wonderful service.  
    The client called and she was ecstatic!  LOOOOOVED the gift and the fact that it was so unique!"

    Sue F - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "I love the packaging! It is exactly as I would have hoped for, and I’m sure that (the recipient) will be thrilled! I really appreciate all of the time you took with me to ensure that the product was exactly what I wanted. I know that our guests will appreciate the high quality oil and vinegar – I appreciate your expertise in guiding me to make the best decision."

    Rose Mary R - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "We were so happy with the service we received recently on an order we placed with you that we would like to place the same order (Items) for a different client."

    Sue F - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "I wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful olive oil bottles.
    We loved them and so did our guests! We hope to see you again in the future!"

    Claudia H - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Thank you so much for the delivery and the great quality of wedding favours! Working with you has been very seamless."

    Karishma M - Markham, Ontario, Canada
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    "Hi Andreas,
    The favours look terrific. I just want to say thank-you for the exceptional service you provided to both me and my mom - the best I've received so far during the wedding process. We were both so impressed with the product and ongoing communication to make sure they were perfect! I am certain that my guests will enjoy the olive oil as much as we do. Thank-you again and I will recommend your store/products to everyone!
    Best Regards,
    Valerie C"

    Valerie C - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Thanks so much for the (balsamic) vinegars! We absolutely LOVED the presentation!!
    The personalized card was so cool and the packaging, etc."

    D S R - Caledon, Ontario, Canada
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    "Thanks so much for meeting us and bringing the olive oil, we hope to try it next week. The box and packaging is lovely, just like buying it in Italy."

    J&A W - Bayfield, Ontario, Canada
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    "Thank you very much for coming and organizing the olive oil tasting! All our guests really enjoyed it.
    It was something new and different."

    Z B - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "I received the olive oils today and have to say I'm quite impressed with everything. The bottles and the packaging.
    Thank you so much for your help and you certainly have a repeat customer now."

    J S - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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    "Wonderful products!!:) Love love love my olive oil:)"

    L I - Etobicoke (Toronto), Ontario, Canada
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    "My niece was so excited when we gave her the oil at Christmas. She absolutely loved receiving it. As a matter of fact, I used mine on our special dishes for Christmas Eve. It added so much to the flavour!"

    R F - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "The oil was beautifully packaged .... This has been one of the best purchases I've made during my entire Christmas shopping extravaganza. Your attention to detail and customer service have gone well beyond my expectations."

    J L - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Wow! I am absolutely speechless with the samples and your level of service! I deal with a lot of companies as a marketing manager when planning events and I have never had this type of first rate service...I am extremely impressed."

    F M - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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    "Your customer service has been outstanding, and I will definitely order from you again."

    L P - Antioch, Illinois, USA
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    "I was very anxious to write you because I have tasted all the products and love each one. The balsamic is to die for and obviously I have never tasted quality olive oil like that. I am very fond of the Oro Bailen and my daughter is fond of the Arbosana....I will be a repeat customer for sure."

    J M - Palm Bay, Florida, USA
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    "...the quality of the product, layout of the store, enthusiasm of the employees for their product is awesome. They are happy to let you try each and every flavour of balsamic and olive oil that they have and have lots of suggestions of what you might want to try and are very knowledgeable about their product. A great addition to the neighborhood that I will be visiting often to get my fix for high quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar!"

    E E - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "I received my two bottles this morning.
    I am impressed by the quality of the packaging, the care, the details…
    Bravo! Rest assured I will order again…and the taste… strong… powerful… exactly what I was looking for…"

    M B - Magog, Quebec, Canada
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    "If you are in Toronto and you want the highest quality goods, check-out the Olive Oil Emporium"

    Cedar Juice - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "What a fantastic store. More types of Olive oil and Balsamic vinegars than you could ever imagine. The staff is super helpful without seeming pushy, you can relax and take all the time and tastings you desire. I went in for a bottle of olive oil and came out with 4 plus 3 bottle of vinegar. They also have wonderful house warming/hostess gift ideas as well. Make it a point to visit you won't be disappointed."

    S M - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Thank you for your guidance and suggestions with selecting our olive oils.
    We are very pleased with our choices, and especially with the Picual!"

    R L - Melbourne, Florida, USA
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    "….I was thrilled! Your packaging is absolutely beautiful and I appreciate the gift card being included as well…
    My mother is going to love the oil. Thank you again for all of your assistance."

    D F - Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA
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    "I was very impressed by your expertise in the world of Olive Oil."

    J T - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Thanks for your caring ... I will suggest your business to friends...even on Facebook!!"

    E D - Inuvik, North West Territories, Canada
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    "It's a wonderful website! Bravo! The section on "tips"...is a great idea...and be sure that I will be passing on the Olive Oil Emporium name to others..."

    A B - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Thanks so much for everything, the oils we gave out at Christmas were a hit.
    It was refreshing change instead of a bottle of wine."

    R D - Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
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    "Hi Olive Oil Emporium, My Mother and I came into your St. Clair store for the first time last Saturday midday. We bought a couple of olive oils, the traditional balsamic vinegar, as well as olives, carciofi, and bread sticks. Everything has been delicious! I plan to be back in the near future."

    G B P - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Thank you for such a personal service!"

    A B - Cranbrook, Kent, United Kingdom
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    "You are clearly very efficient. I'll look forward to placing more orders in the future."

    T W - Japan
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    "Thanks for the great service!"

    P D - Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
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    "....my clients were very impressed with the custom olive oil gift basket!!
    Great presentation and an even greater taste!!

    T Z - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "Your prompt service and great oils have been a big help with gifts for my clients."

    J B - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    "You guys provided tremendous value to our event and complimented many of the offerings."

    T G - Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
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    Thank you so much for supporting our event on Wednesday night and making it an amazing experience for our guests!

    Gurpreet A. - Holt Renfrew & Co., Ltd. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada