Olive Oil and Vinegar Seminars


From time to time we run structured Tasting Seminars for the novice, and the enthusiast! More information on Olive Oil and Vinegar Tasting Seminars will be posted soon.
Check back with us shortly.

Learn about fresh liquid gold - olive oils from around the globe, and the decadent and rich balsamic vinegars of Modena from our knowledgeable experts and staff.

Olive Oil and Vinegar tasting is available at all times during business hours.
In fact, we encourage sampling!


Looking for something different? Trying to find that new idea for a special event with your friends?
If you would like to book a special event or a private group tasting of oils and vinegars, please call us at 416.902.9060, or send us an email at info@oliveOilEmporium.com.
Oil and Vinegar Tasting Event Toronto    Olive Oil and Vinegar Tasting Party - Toronto

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