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Fig Balsamic Jam Confit
Fig Balsamic Jam Confit

Fig Balsamic Jam Confit

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Fig Balsamic Jam - Confit

Region: France

Description: Rich, sweet, and layered with the complexity of balsamic vinegar, this Fig-Balsamic confit is the perfect compliment to ripe and soft cheeses, and even dessert. A thin spreading imparts a lot of flavour and goes a long way.

Ingredients: figs 60%, sugar: cane sugar, balsamic vinegar 9% (wine vinegar, grape must), spices.

Tasting Profile: Perfect with fresh cheese, creamy goat cheese, and brie. Also great with ripe aged cheeses, and crackers or crisp breads.

Size: 120ml

Notes: Keep away from sunlight and heat. Refrigerate after opening.

Price: $10.95