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Gordal Olives
Gordal Olives

Gordal Olives

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Gordal Olives 

Region: Spain

Description:  These giant "Queen" Gordal olives are the largest variety we carry. Plump and meaty, this olive will make an impressive addition to any table, and appetizer or tapas selection. Its name literally means "the fat one". They are quite large and very round. They are often used as stuffed varieties.  Its production area is mainly in the province of Seville (Andalusia), which is why this olive is also called "Gordal Sevillana". It is however produced in many other region of Spain as well. Due to its low oil content, it is used exclusively for processing as a table olive, and not for oil extraction.These olives contain pits.

Ingredients: Gordal Olives, water, salt


Tasting Profile: The Gordal olive has a fine and delicate flavour similar to the Manzanilla olive, and a firm, crunchy, meaty texture.These olives make an ideal and filling snack. These olives contain pits.

Size: 580gr

Price: $14.95