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Nyons Olives
Nyons Olives

Nyons Olives

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Nyons Olives AOC - Dry-Cured

Region: Nyons, France

Description:  This is the classic olive of Provence - known as the Tanche varietal, it is often dry-cured, quite savoury, full flavoured and comes away from the pit very easily.  A wonderful olive to snack on with appetizers but also works well in roasts and other cooked dishes. These jars carry an AOC certification, which authenticates their origin and quality. The skin of  the Nyons olives is finely wrinkled, because they are harvested in December, after the ripe olives have begun to shrivel a bit with the cold. They are dry-cured. These olives contain pits.

Ingredients: Tanche olives of Nyons (AOC), water, salt


Tasting Profile: The Tanche olives of Nyons are quite savoury and full of flavour. They have a sweet meaty flavour, and a lack of bitterness. They come away from the pit very easily. Use with roasts, on their own, and with appetizers. Great to make into a quick tapenade once pitted.

Size: 210gr

Certifications: AOC Nyons - Appellation d'origine controlee  (PDO - protected designation of origin) 

Price: $19.95