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Preserved Lemon Slices
Preserved Lemon Slices

Preserved Lemon Slices

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Preserved Lemon Slices

Region: Tunisia

Description: An authentic artisanal product from Tunisia made with local lemons and prepared using traditional methods. An essential pantry item for your tagines, fish and chicken dishes, and salads! Add a zesty edge to your dishes without any fuss or delay as they are already sliced and ready to use. These preserved lemons are made from the freshest, all natural ingredients, manually picked, prepared and jarred. They are 100% vegan, Gluten Free, dairy free and nut free.

Ingredients: lemon, water, garlic, salt, vinegar, ascorbic acid, calcium chloride.

Tasting Profile / Suggested Uses: Refreshingly zesty, these preserved lemons are a perfect match to sweet, floral and spicy notes in a variety of dishes. Dice them up and use them in salads or any quinoa, rice, or couscous dish. Use full slices with lamb, grilled chicken, or baked fish in foil. A classic ingredient in tagines (especially with chicken and olives) and also in a variety of casseroles. We enjoy these preserved lemons because they are NOT as salty a many of the generic versions.

Size: 314ml

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