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Tazilla Olives
Tazilla Olives

Tazilla Olives

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Tazilla Olives - Dry-Cured

Region: Tunisia

Description:  A traditional Tunisian preparation method - referred to as "Tazilla", is what gives the name to these delicate yet savoury dry-cured olives from the north coast of Africa. Dark, shrivelled, and a little more salty than our other olives, these will transport you to a far away land. These olives are harvested at full maturity, when sun-drenched, and are immediately preserved in bulk in coarse sea salt. This ancient technique is called "Tazilla" in Tunisian dialect . At the time of jarring, they are flavored with rosemary and covered with extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, keeping with tradition - as done for centuries. Use to enhance your Tunisian and Moroccan inspired dishes - roasts, tagines, salads, etc. They are dry-cured. These olives contain pits.

Ingredients: black olives, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, vinegar, salt.

Tasting Profile: The Tazilla olive is quite savoury. Slightly chewy, a little salty, these olives impart a lot of flavour to your dishes. They have a pronounced taste, an average fat content, a small, smooth stone that can be removed easily, dense flesh and delicate skin. Great with appetizers, to snack on alone, or to incorporate into tagines, roasts, and salads. They come away from the pit very easily. Use with roasts, on their own, and with appetizers. 

Size: 314ml

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