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Artichokes - Whole Stem in Olive Oil
Artichokes - Whole Stem in Olive Oil

Artichokes - Whole Stem in Olive Oil

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Artichokes, Whole Stem in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Region: Italy

Description: One of our most popular items. The perfect accompaniment to any meal, and an essential antipasto ingredient. These are without a doubt, the most tender, flavourful, artichokes we have ever had. They are not overly briny, or pickled like many of the generic artichokes on the market. Carefully selected and prepared by artisans in Puglia, these artichokes are absolutely beautiful and will be the talk of your table. As an added bonus, the extra virgin olive oil they are stored in can also be used for marinating other vegetables, olives, roasted potatoes, and much more!

Ingredients: artichokes, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, herbs

Tasting Profile / Suggested Uses: Tender and flavourful, these are not your ordinary artichokes. Entirely edible, including the stem! Best enjoyed on their own, but also great in salads, as a pizza topping, and with pasta. Serve alongside steak, with any antipasto arrangement, or with fish dishes. Ready to use straight out of the jar!

Size: 1062ml

Price: $25.95
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