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Green Peppercorns in Brine - Madagascar
Green Peppercorns in Brine - Madagascar

Green Peppercorns in Brine - Madagascar

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Green Peppercorns in Brine - Madagascar

Region / Country: Packed in France

Description: Green Madagascar peppercorns are unripe black peppercorns – preserved in their natural state, in a water and salt brine. Widely sought after by chefs for their distinct fruity and spicy flavour, they are fresh, slightly vegetal, and generally not as spicy as black or white peppercorns. These peppercorns are typically enjoyed whole, and not ground or milled. Green peppercorns are harvested at a different stage of ripeness. Instead of being dried in the sun like black peppercorns, they are dehydrated quickly to preserve their colour. These peppercorns are hand-selected, and are guaranteed to be free of any additives or colours.

Ingredients: green peppercorns, water, salt

Serving Suggestions: Ideal for use in pepper sauces for sirloins and duck. A great addition to the preparation of sausages and terrines as well. Use to give any dish a mild, yet complex piquant taste. These peppercorns are great for avoiding the heat of black pepper, while still getting the flavour.  You will get a much more complex flavour profile from the green peppercorns than those of black or white peppercorns, and will also get fruity notes that are not present in either of the other two forms.

Size: 30gr

Price: $6.85