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Leccino Olives - Pitted
Leccino Olives - Pitted

Leccino Olives - Pitted

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Leccino Olives - Pitted, in Oil

Region: Abruzzo, Italy

Description:  Typically reserved for crushing into olive oil - the Leccino varietal is rarely found in this form - as a table olive. It is a great alternative to the Taggiasca. Full in flavour, and a good size olive, it lends itself to a variety of dishes and uses because it is also pitted and stored in olive oil. . Perfect for using in dishes like pasta, pizza, and salads. These olives contain no pits.

Ingredients: Leccino olives, extra virgin olive oil


Tasting Profile: The Leccino olive is rich in flavour and with a slight, pleasant bitterness. They present the palate with an exceptional olive taste, a firm texture, and a clean full flavour. The Leccino will complement pizzas, salads, pasta dishes, fish dishes, and even sandwiches. These olives are pitted - contain NO pits, and the extra virgin olive oil they are stored in can also be used for other dishes or as a marinade when the olives are done.

Size: 190gr

Price: $15.95