Fused Olive Oils

Oregano Fused Olive Oil-Agrumato
Oregano Fused Olive Oil-Agrumato

Oregano Fused Olive Oil-Agrumato

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Greek Oregano Fused Olive Oil - Agrumato

Country / Region: Greece

Style: Fused

Description: From the sunny mountains of southern Greece, we bring to you this stunning Greek Oregano Fused Olive Oil.  Fresh Greek oregano is crushed together with the olives to create a well-balanced marriage of Mediterranean flavours. This limited production olive oil is very special because the oregano flavour typically acquired from essential oil of oregano rarely resembles the true flavour of authentic oregano. The versatility and clean flavours of this oil will transport you to the Aegean and will inspire you and elevate your dishes!

Tasting Profile / Serving Suggestions: A beautiful fused olive oil - fragrant, earthy, complex, yet still delicate. Use with your tomato salads, in sauces, with roasted potatoes, fish, or as a marinade with meats like lamb, pork and poultry. Simply drizzle over your feta cheese before serving, with warm bread, drizzle over pizza, or use with zucchini and other vegetables. Oregano works well with many olive oil based dishes and combines exceptionally well with ingredients like basil, thyme, onions, and garlic. A versatile olive oil!

Size: 200ml / 375ml / 750ml

Packaging: Elegantly presented in a dark glass bottle to help prevent exposure to harmful UV light.

NOTE: We bottle only upon receipt of your online order, or in front of you in-store.

Price: $19.95