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Tunisian Flavours
Tunisian Flavours

Tunisian Flavours

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Tunisian Flavours 

Region: Tunisia

Description: A trio of authentic Tunisian flavours made with traditional recipes in the traditional manner. Presented as a boxed trio in three glass jars containing Mechouia, Harissa, and Shakshuka. All three products are 100% vegan, Gluten Free, dairy free and nut free.

Tasting Profile / Suggested Uses:

HARISSA - TRADITIONAL - an indispensable ingredient for the preparation of authentic North African dishes such as couscous and tagines. However, savory without being extremely spicy, it is also perfect to give a little kick to less sophisticated dishes such as pizza, pasta, soups, sauces, stews, omelettes, etc. Add it to your marinade for BBQ and chicken wings, or mix it with mayonnaise for an original and tasty sauce to dip your fries or use as a topping with your burgers. 

MÉCHOUIA Grilled sweet pepper & tomato salad - Simple but delicious, the Mechouia Salad is the queen of summer salads in Tunisia. This typically Mediterranean artisanal creation is a feast for the taste buds. It takes us directly to the sun with its taste of grilled peppers and tomatoes, almost charred, roughly chopped and seasoned with garlic, extra virgin olive oil and an original blend of local spices. Tunisians usually serve it cold, with olives, quartered hard-boiled eggs and capers, and eat it with bread, making it the epitome of the Mediterranean diet in a single dish. But it can also be served as a starter, as an accompaniment to grilled meats or on a fish fillet. Used as a garnish Méchouia would give another dimension to your sandwiches, tacos or burgers.

SHAKSHUKA North African style ratatouille - The word shakshuka is said to be of Berber origin, meaning “mixture”. The dish is in a way a North African ratatouille, pan-fried peppers, tomatoes, onions in olive oil, garlic and local spices. It is tasty at breakfast, but can also be served at lunch or dinner with a salad, or as an accompaniment to grilled meat or fish. This sauce can also be used in a hamburger, as a bruschetta over bread, or as a dip with corn chips. Also makes a great addition to scrambled eggs! 

Ingredients: dry red pepper, garlic, caraway, coriander, sunflower oil, salt

MÉCHOUIA - Grilled sweet pepper & tomato salad 
Ingredients: sweet pepper, tomato, garlic, caraway, coriander, sunflower oil, salt, sorbate

SHAKSHUKA - North African style ratatouille
Ingredients: hot pepper, tomato, onion, garlic, caraway, black pepper, coriander, sunflower oil, salt, sorbate

* All products are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free.

Size: 3 jars x 90gr

Price: $18.95
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