Olives and Pasta!

Olive Oil Emporium |

In addition to nearly 70 olive oils and vinegars on tap, we now offer a full selection of jarred olives (naturally cured, artisanal in nature, and clean!) as well as an introduction to an artisanal pasta selection that will be growing over the next months. Our olives include the Picholine, the Leccino, Nicoise/Taggiasca, Nocellara, Cerignola, Ascolana, Intosso, Arbequina, Kalamata, Gaeta, organic olives, truffle infused olives, hot and spicy olives, infornata olives, and several more. A comprehensive selection of artisanal olives in Toronto. Choose from premium olives in brine, in oil, with pit or without! We also carry a truffle infused green olive selection. Check back with us in mid-August for our stuffed olive selection. Looking for tapenades? Our small scale artisan produced tapenades are available in 5 premium varieties from the south of France.