Olive Drops - by Albert Adria - Exclusive to OOE in Canada

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Olive Drops – Spherical Olives. These are no ordinary olives. A creation of the renowned chef Albert Adria of the famous Michelin starred restaurant Tickets in Barcelona, and earlier as head pastry chef at elBulli.  Green olives have been puréed & reformed using the juice of Spanish Gordal olives and other natural additives. The liquid inside explodes in the mouth upon tasting with a delicious, refreshing flavour. The spherical olive is one of the most famous dishes from elBulli. At your table, you and your guests will be astonished by the way they explode in the mouth, with delicious juice of Gordal olives. It is a technical process that requires a lot of knowledge, time and patience. This is molecular gastronomy at its finest. This is available exclusively in Canada at Olive Oil Emporium! Click here for more info on Olive Drops.