Maldon Sea Salt Flakes
Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

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Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

Region / Country: Maldon, England, UK

Description: The pyramid flakes are characteristics of Maldon, recognised the world over as the finest of sea salts. The Maldon flakes release their saltiness with sweet precision, a fresh intensity and clean taste. A highly versatile ingredient that can be used at any point in the cooking process. Since 1882, Maldon salt has been made with the same traditional artisan methods in the coastal town of Maldon. It is unchanging yet ever-changing, constant yet continuously challenging. However, the salt always remains the same.

Ever wondered what makes Maldon Sea Salt so special? Maldon Salt’s irregular and distinctive pyramid shape is what makes it so special. In addition to the unique tactile texture, the Maldon pyramid salt flakes release saltiness with sweet precision, bringing a clean and delicate flavour. 

To create this fine salt, seawater from the the Blackwater Estuary in Maldon is carefully harvested on the spring tide, where there is an appreciated art to the temperature and timing, which is a family secret. Master of salt makers have been hand harvesting the naturally formed pyramid-shaped crystals that have since became Maldon's signature.

Ingredients: Sea Salt. 

* Maldon salt contains NO additives, NO preservatives, NO anti-caking agents. It is unbleached, and not refined.

Tasting Notes / Serving Suggestions: Soft and crunchy on the palate, these sea salt flakes contain the perfect balance of natural minerals such as iron, potassium, and zinc, offering a fresh intensity and clean taste to any dish. Sea Salt is generally stronger than regular table salt which is highly refined. Less is more with sea salt. A small quantity will impart a lot of flavour. Use at any time during the cooking process.

Size: 240gr

Price: $14.95