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Argan Oil - Organic
Argan Oil - Organic

Argan Oil - Organic

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Argan Oil of Morocco - Organic

Country / Region: Morocco

Description: This rare, limited production, culinary grade organic Argan Oil is produced using traditional methods in the valleys of southwest Morocco from ancient trees of the Argania spinosa species. These trees can reach ages of up to 200 years, and like the olive, their fruit yield is only once a year. The pulp of the fruit is removed manually to reveal the pit. These pits are then cracked open to reveal the seeds or kernels. These seeds or kernels are then lightly toasted to produce the signature nutty flavour before being crushed to produce the argan oil. This entire process is manual, and is very labour intensive. Additionally, the required amount of fruit to produce Argan oil is quite high. Approximately 25kg to 30kg will yield about 2kg of kernels or seeds, which will then produce only 1 liter of Argan oil. And the Argan tree will only begin to produce fruit after its first 30 years, and sometimes longer. The trees are very precious, and the forests now comprise an area of over and are designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Note: Argan oil is produced from the seeds/kernels inside the pit of the Argan fruit.  Argan oil is not a nut oil. This is a culinary grade Argan oil.

Argan oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids, is rich in essential fatty acids, and is very resistant to oxidation. 

Argan oil composition:

Oleic acid: 46%
Linoleic acid:32%
Palmitic acid: 12%
Stearic acid: 6%

Tasting Profile / Serving Suggestions: A fragrant nutty flavour that will complement any salad, couscous, rice, and quinoa dishes, meat and chicken skewers, and vegetables. Also great in tagines, or simply as a bread dipper. For a unique richness and complexity of flavour, drizzle over baked sweet potatoes, sweet potato mash, or over butternut squash soup!

Size: 250ml

Certifications: Organic by CCPB-EU

Packaging: Elegantly presented in a dark glass bottle. We recommend you store your argan oil in a cool, dark, and dry place to prolong its freshness. Refrigeration after opening is recommended.

NOTE: This is a pre-bottled, sealed product - direct from the producer in Morocco, not one of our fusti-filled oils.

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