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Lucques Olives
Lucques Olives

Lucques Olives

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Lucques Olives - 2023 Fall Harvest *** Now in Stock !!!  Dec 1st Arrival  ***

Region: Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Description: Produced only in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France, these Lucques olives will be hand-picked from select olive trees in late September to early October of 2023! The freshest, most unique olives you will experience. Known as the “green diamond”, the Lucques varietal has a distinctive crescent shape. It is easy to recognize by its small stone and fine, flavourful flesh. Unlike most Lucques Olives found on the market, these ones are cured with a very unique method so that they can be enjoyed very quickly after harvest. The perfect addition to your table, and a unique gift. A rare product. Limited Quantities available. These won't last for long! 

Ingredients: Lucques Olives, water, salt, citric acid.

Certifications: PDO (AOP)

In 2017, the Lucques du Languedoc olive earned the Protected Designation of Origin, a great reward for the olive-growers of the L’Oulibo cooperative. The PDO is a consumer guarantee of local provenance, superior quality, rigorous checks on the fruit’s preparation, and 100% manual harvesting. It recognizes the ancestral know-how of the region’s producers and their environmentally friendly farming methods.

Earning the PDO Lucques du Languedoc will help to ensure a long-term future for olive-growers and preserve a landscape and a heritage.

Tasting Profile: These bright coloured and firm flesh olives will impress every palate. Unique among olives, the flavour profile is slightly sweet, delicate, with minimal salt, and with a slight buttery and nutty taste.

Size: 200gr


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