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Black Olive Crystals
Black Olive Crystals

Black Olive Crystals

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Black Olive Crystals

Region / Country: Modena / Italy

Description: The Black Olive Crystals are a new innovation that will dazzle the senses and elevate your dish to the next level in a new and exciting way! Crystals with Black Olive are small fragments of freeze-dried black olives, with a crunchy texture, perfect for decorating your dishes, adding a delicious flavour of authentic savoury Mediterranean Olives. Created by one of Italy's most respected and innovative balsamic producers that has been crafting fine balsamics since 1892! Use the pesto crystals as a garnish with salads, cheese boards, goat cheese, pizza, savoury pies, potatoes, bruschetta, pasta, risotto, omelettes, and much more! The flavours are 100% all natural and a fun conversation starter - your guests will be impressed! The Crystals contain NO preservatives, NO gluten.

Tasting Notes / Serving Suggestions: A delicious accompaniment to bruschetta, Pizza Margherita, salmon, potatoes, goat cheese, salads, simply sliced tomatoes, omelettes, pasta, and much more!

Colour:  Deep Purple / Black
Consistency/Texture: in flakes, pleasantly crunchy when chewed
Smell:  Intense, olive scent
Taste:  Intense flavour, characteristic of savoury, black, dry-cured olives


Ingredients:  Dried black olives (black olives, salt) 75% (Origin: Italy), freeze-dried black olives (black olives, salt) 13% (Origin EU and extra EU), rice flour.

Size: 23gr glass jar

Storage: Store the product at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Product subject to natural weight loss.

Price: $19.85