Basil Pesto Crystals
Basil Pesto Crystals

Basil Pesto Crystals

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Basil Pesto Crystals

Region / Country: Modena / Italy

Description: The Basil Pesto Crystals are a new innovation that will dazzle the senses and elevate your dish to the next level in a new and exciting way! Crystals with Basil Pesto are small fragments of freeze-dried basil and cheese, with a crunchy texture, perfect for decorating your dishes, adding a delicious flavour of authentic Genovese Pesto. Created by one of Italy's most respected and innovative balsamic producers that has been crafting fine balsamics since 1892! Use the pesto crystals as a garnish with salads, cheese boards, canapes, chicken, pasta, risotto, omelettes, mashed potatoes, pizza, and much more! The flavours are 100% all natural and a fun conversation starter - your guests will be impressed! The Crystals contain NO preservatives, NO gluten.

Tasting Notes / Serving Suggestions: A delicious accompaniment to Crostini, Pasta & Risotto, White meat, Vegetables and salads, Mashed potatoes and pies, Pizza Margherita with fresh cherry tomatoes, and Omelettes.

Colour:  Leaf Green
Consistency/Texture: in flakes, pleasantly crunchy when chewed
Smell:  Intense, Basil scent, typical of Genovese Pesto
Taste:  Intense flavour, characteristic of Genovese Pesto


Ingredients:  Freeze-dried cow's cheese (cow 's milk, salt, rennet), freeze-dried pecorino cheese (sheep 's milk, salt, rennet), freeze-dried pine nuts 14%, freeze-dried basil 11% (origin: EU), freeze-dried garlic, dehydrated potato starch, salt, black pepper 

Size: 23gr glass jar

Storage: Store the product at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Product subject to natural weight loss.

Price: $19.85