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Rosemary Rub
Rosemary Rub

Rosemary Rub

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Italian Style Rosemary Rub

Description: Created by Chef Gail McCully (aka the Spice Mistress) to meet the current trend towards healthier eating, this seasoning blend is designed to not only good for you, but quick and easy to use too. On top of all of that (and of the most paramount concern), they had to be delicious. The task: minimize sodium intake, cut out the calories, and make it easy to use! NO Additives, NO Preservatives, GLUTEN FREE.

Serving Suggestion: A classic rustic rub with endless possibilities! Preferred uses include roast potatoes, pork tenderloin, chicken breasts and grilled vegetables. Tried and true, our Tuscan Style Rosemary rub is the ‘secret ingredient’ for hosts and hostesses from coast to coast!

Nutritional information / per serving (%DV): Calories 0 / Fat 0% / Sodium (308mg) 13% / Carbohydrates 0% / Protein 0%

Always store spices in a cool, dark, dry place - away from direct sunlight or near a heat source.

Ingredients: sea salt, rosemary, black pepper, garlic flakes, oregano, sage

NO Additives, NO Preservatives, GLUTEN FREE.

Size: 26g
Servings: 16+

Price: $5.00
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