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Truffle Slicer - Olive Wood
Truffle Slicer - Olive Wood

Truffle Slicer - Olive Wood

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Olive Wood Truffle Slicer

An elegant, practical, and versatile Truffle Slicer made from durable Italian Olive Wood and a high quality stainles steel blade. The blade has a straight edge, and is adjustable for various thickness  of your slicing. Decorate your dishes and impress your guest with the perfectly sliced truffles.  A beautiful piece that will make a great addition to any table!  These are extremely durable, and the beautiful tight grains in the wood add elegance, beauty, and uniqueness to every piece. This item is hand-carved and beautifully polished to a very smooth finish.

The wood used to produce our olive wood collection comes to us by sustainable and environmentally conscious methods. These products are made from the wood of trees that no longer produce fruit, or from the tree trimming/pruning after the harvest season. In addition, new trees are regularly planted to maintain the region's natural balance.

Care instructions: Cared for properly, olive wood can last a lifetime. To ensure your product stays in optimal condition, be sure to hand wash only, and never place it in a dishwasher. Never soak olive wood in water. Once a month, it is recommended that you rub the olive wood gently with a coat of olive oil to prevent it from drying out. Keep away from direct prolonged sunlight, and avoid using in extremely hot foods. Use only for cool or warm foods.

Size:  approximately 8" long (20cm), and 4" wide (10cm)

Price: $89.95