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The Olive Oil Emporium: FRESH Olive Oil and Vinegar Tasting Bar

Our goal at The Olive Oil Emporium is to provide easy and convenient access to North Americans who are seeking FRESH, authentic, premium quality, and artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oils for their kitchens and families.

We aim to be your Olive Oil merchant of choice, and to build a sincere and reliable relationship with each of you, one experience at a time.

All the products found on our site are individually selected for their unique flavour profiles, versatility in use, and their superior quality and chemistry! With today’s higher consumer interest and demand for healthy, pure, and organic foods, as well as 100% natural flavours, we are committed to seeking out the best Olive Oils to complement and enhance your meals at prices that are very affordable. You will be surprised at how easily you could enhance a simple meal with this premium ingredient, just by drizzling small amounts over the dish prior to serving.

In our experience, truly authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of premium quality is not very easily found in North America. By carefully selecting our partners, and sourcing products from various producers, we have compiled a selection that will impress the most discerning of palates as well as the occasional cook. Our Olive Oil producers and their olive groves range from small to mid-size, and include some that are often inaccessible to the North American market.

We hope that you visit our site frequently for new products, special offers, upcoming events, and relevant information from the fascinating world of Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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