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Chetoui Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - ULTRA HPOO
Chetoui Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - ULTRA HPOO

Chetoui Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - ULTRA HPOO

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Chetoui Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Ultra High Phenolic Olive Oil


Country / Region: Tunisia

Intensity: Robust

Description: An exceptional Early Harvest olive oil pressed from the Tunisian Chetoui varietal. This extraordinarily Robust, high polyphenol Organic Chetoui registers the highest phenol count of the season and is among the highest in the world! An exceptional oil for those who are seeking to maximize on the health benefits of a fresh HPOO! Total phenolic content: 969.4ppm. Also worthy of mention, is the content of alpha tocopherol (the form of vitamin E in olive oil) which measures at 557.8 ppm, the highest we have seen is some time!

Tasting Profile / Serving Suggestions: This extraordinarily Robust, high phenolic olive oil displays Tuscan style characteristics, notes of green tea leaf and green almond. It has delayed and significant “punchy” pepperiness and lingering bitterness signifying the healthy antioxidants. True to its high phenol content, we can easily call this robust, intense olive oil a “3 cougher”. 


Chemical Analysis at time of crush:

Free Fatty Acids (FFA): 0.21%
Peroxides: 5.8 mEqO2/kg
Oleic Acid: 64.4
BIOphenols: 969.4 mg caffeic acid/kg
DAG: 96.2
PPP: < 1.0
Squalene: 3710.8 ppm
a-Tocopherols: 557.8 ppm
Harvest / Crush Date:  

Sensory Evaluation:
Fruitiness: 5.3
Bitterness: 5.6
Pungency: 4.3

Ultra Premium
USDA Organic
Non GMO Project Verified

Size: 200ml / 375ml / 750ml

Packaging: Elegantly presented in a dark glass bottle to help prevent exposure to harmful UV light.

NOTE: We bottle only upon receipt of your online order, or in front of you in-store.

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