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Sea Salt, Iodized - Seasonello
Sea Salt, Iodized - Seasonello

Sea Salt, Iodized - Seasonello

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Sea Salt, Iodized - Seasonello

Region / Country: Sardegna, Italy

Description: Seasonello Sea Salt from Sardegna is enriched with Iodine: an essential mineral for the production of thyroid hormones, which can prevent Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD).  A great way to add flavour to your dishes while reducing the addition of excessive salt. The producer of this salt, Caber, in collaboration with the Department of Food Science of the University of Bologna, has developed a new technology that allows for the constant presence of iodine in the sea salt - even after the opening of the jar. As a result, the presence of Iodine in this product is guaranteed by Caber. This product contains only sea salt and iodine - it does not contain anti-caking agents, sugar, or fillers.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Iodine 12mg

Serving Suggestions: Sea Salt is generally stronger than regular table salt which is highly refined. Less is more with sea salt. A small quantity will impart a lot of flavour. This Sea Salt from Seasonello is quite fine, so you won’t need to use a salt grinder. Use where you would normally use salt. It is also rich in many essential minerals.

Size: 300gr

Price: $9.95