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Infornata Olives
Infornata Olives

Infornata Olives

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Infornata - Dry-Cured Olives

Region: Puglia, Italy

Description:  These olives are naturally black, medium-sized olives that are salt and oil-cured and then oven dried. They are quite savoury and versatile. After the curing process they are seasoned and packed in oil.

Ingredients: Black Olives, water, salt.oil, herbs


Tasting Profile: The Infornata olives are very rich in flavour and are quite savoury due to their curing process. They have a slightly chewy texture, but are quite soft, and come away from the pit quite easily. They have a shriveled flesh and soft meat. These olives contain pits.

Size: 580ml

Price: $12.95