New Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils - 2021

Every year in winter and in spring, the anticipation for the new season's olive oils is at its peak. This is the time when our producers carefully pick the olives off their trees and head to the olive mills to release from the olives their golden green juice: the "New Oil", or olio nuovo. It is an exciting and anxious moment for the producers who have carefully tended the groves for an entire year, hoping their annual crop would once again be a success! And for us, we anticipate the reward of their hard work, and the moment we can sample one of nature's most remarkable gifts, while in it's freshest state. Our Northern Hemisphere olive oil producers harvest their olives only between the months of October and November every year, while in the Southern Hemisphere the harvest takes place as early as March through to May. As a result, fresh oils are the focus at The Olive Oil Emporium, and are always available for you to enjoy!

On this page, we have listed our 2021 Southern Hemisphere harvest extra virgin olive oils from the 2021 Spring/Summer harvest, and available fresh-pressed Fused Olive Oils and Olives!!! We will be updating this selection regularly as more new oils become available. Enjoy the Freshness!
* Estimated Release Date: NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE *

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