Olives and Tapenades

Welcome to our complete selection of artisanal Olives, Olive Spreads, and Traditional Tapenades.

Our jarred olives (almost 25 varieties) are carefully selected for their natural curing process. Unlike many of the commercially available olives, our olives contain NO artificial flavours or colours, and no chemical agents or lye are used to expedite their curing process. All our olives are cured and jarred according to traditional methods in their countries of origin which include Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Tunisia, and Turkey. Our artisanal olives are only packaged in glass for optimal freshness, preservation, and best possible flavour.

Our comprehensive olive selection has something for everyone's palate, for every recipe, and for every occasion! Elevate your table presentation, charcuterie boards, and cheese boards with a selection of unique olives. The different colours, textures and sizes create visual interest and their diverse flavour profiles will stimulate the palate and the senses for great conversation.